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About OSOM

OSOM Solutions was created to meet the need of clients that require a higher level of quality service and professional attention. We pride ourselves on the strength of relationships with our clients and the level of trust that we share with our clients. In a time of mass markets, commodity call centers and overseas outsourcing, OSOM Solutions still believes that service is based on relationships and performance. We believe that sometimes a hand shake and face to face meeting is the only way to do business. After we understand our client’s problems, we have no choice but to give them an OSOM solution.

OSOM Testimonials

“When you are looking for the best, most trustworthy and easiest IT support, OSOM is the only place you need to go. They not only fix the problem, but they fix it without making you feel like an idiot. We have called at all hours of the day or night when in need of their help and OSOM is always right there to help us. They treat our emergency as their own.

Thank you so much for making our lives easier!”

Shelly Tanks – Business Development Administrator – Air Treatment Company
Industry: Trade Services

“As an IT Director, with more than 12 years in the industry, I find staying abreast of all the latest IT trends challenging and time consuming. OSOM to the rescue! Their relentless pursuit of IT innovation, IT support, and overall IT strategy greatly assisted me in migration, planning, and IT staffing. With constant budget cuts and job roles increasing, OSOM provided the IT substance in the interim and will continue to be my right hand in the IT arena. Their track record for short response time, high quality customer service, dedicated IT staff, and a sheer awareness for IT executive making decisions, make them the perfect IT vendor. What an OSOM compliment to your company!”

Antoinette Sykes, MBA – Director of IT – NucoreVision Incorporated
An 8a STARS Government Contracting Company
Washington,DC / Lanham, MD
Industry: Government Contractor

“We at Downs & Associates, Inc. are not very computer literate and as a result often wonder exactly how well our computer company is doing and if what they do for/to our systems is in our best interest or theirs.

The monthly maintenance contract structure offered by OSOM Solutions eliminates that question. Herein lies the motivating factor for OSOM to be certain our system functions properly, whereas the hourly repair companies only get paid when our system is not in order, which to some degree is a conflict of interest.

The complete & comprehensive service offered by OSOM is refreshing. Knowing that our computers, offsite backup & phone system are being professionally maintained by one company simplifies our issues. OSOM Solutions has been reliable & their level of customer service excellent. I would recommend them to any company looking for honest, dependable tech support.”

Brian Downs, President – Downs and Associates Insurance
Industry: Professional Services

“Currently, and for over the last 5 years, Color Wheel has trusted < OSOM Solutions to maintain, protect and enhance our small business’s point-of-sale system, digital telephone system, internet access, and the data, voice, and VPN network. Their advice is accurate, appropriate to the task, and always within budget. Chris Olexa and his staff professionals are attentive, courteous, conscientious, and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

Simply put, they serve our business well.

I am confident that OSOM Solutions will provide a similar positive experience should you decide to do business with them.”

Charlie Boswell, President – Color Wheel Inc, Established 1965
Industry: Retail

“As the only IT person for a local restaurant chain, OSOM Solutions was there to deliver. Having an in-house, custom built POS using state of the art network configurations, OSOM Solutions was there to support me in short notice with outstanding service and optimum performance. Thank you OSOM Solutions! The name of your company says it all.”

S. Johnson, Director of IT – Chicken Out Rotisserie
Industry: Restaurant

“OSOM is truly “AWESOME”! Christian Freedom International has benefited from the 24/7 service that has truly been indispensable. Our website, our email communications, our irreplaceable computer files have all been backed up and are secure. We have had absolutely NO concern about computer viruses. OSOM service is as good as it gets. There is always a competent technician available to answer any and all questions from OSOM headquarters in Virginia, USA. CFI endorses OSOM without qualification. Any small business, medical office, non-profit organization or individual can benefit from this indispensable service.”

Robert W. Sweet, Jr.- Executive Vice President – Christian Freedom International
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Industry: Non-Profit

“OSOM’s anti-SPAM service is a highly effective tool, screening out the vast majority of unwanted messages, while tagging suspect messages for efficient local analysis. In our unique application, which requires us to use voiceband access,Tomega Communications saves an average of eight man-hours per week with OSOM’s anti-SPAM!”

Warren Liss, CTO – Tomega Communications
Industry: Consulting

“As a non-profit organization, we have a busy office driven by a higher calling. FCA Lacrosse required a knowledgeable IT resource but did not have the luxury of being able to afford full time resources with the proper expertise. Like many other organizations, we have added technology on piece by piece without full knowledge of its capability or proper configuration, just getting it to work. Pieces of equipment here and there and snarls of wires under every desk. OSOM Solutions first listened to our needs and then quickly managed our IT tangle by implementing proper configurations, documentation and security and backup services. OSOM allows me to keep my technology out of sight and out of mind while also allowing me and my team to be productive in ways I didn’t know existed.

With OSOM Solutions, we now have a team of experienced IT professionals at a fraction of the cost of a new dedicated employee, we have increased productivity by harnessing technology we didn’t know was available to us and a network that is performing beautifully. I know that I have an experienced teammate that I can trust, just a phone call away. While I am not sure what an Outlook.GMT.BufferOverflow is or when I may experience a “catastrophic event”, I do know that I don’t have to worry about it.”

Sean McNamara – Vice President SSM- FCA Lacrosse
Industry: Non-Profit

“I would like to say “Thank you” to both you and [your tech] for your ‘prompt attention’ to our broken computer and our need to be up and running as quickly as possible. It is very refreshing to find someone who thinks as we do about how important it is to keep your business running even when the computers don’t feel the same way. 🙂 Thanks Again.”

Stephanie – Nationwide Insurance
Industry: Professional Services

You are indeed ‘OSOM’.

J. Turner – Coastal Building Automation
Industry: Trade Services

“When our company was in need of computer support, we turned to our fellow NARI members for recommendations and OSOM came highly recommended. From the first simple software problem we had to our major server failure, OSOM was there with incredible response time. Because of your fast service and knowledgeable staff we were able to stay up and running until our new server arrived. Your professionalism and caring staff are true qualities.”

Kimberly Hicks -Office Manager – Metropolitan Contractors Inc
Fairfax, Virginia
Industry: Construction


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