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Case Studies

Business Type: Retail Stores and Warehouse

Locations: 6 (DC Metro)

Initial Challenges: Independent operations for each location, manual communications, disjointed call distribution, network used for Internet access only, continuously interrupted operations due to computer and network failures, excessive travel between locations, slow and manual processes, no centralized resource or shared store for file, print or application sharing, no backup of important company documents, theft and insecure facilities

Solutions Implemented: Centralized server with access control, secure remote access, centralized automated local and cloud backup, Managed Exchange, phased approach of private cloud infrastructure, VoIP phone system with segmented infrastructure, centralized and managed information security and content filtering, network based video surveillance, thin client infrastructure, network based printing, Mac integration with remote support, full technology management

Business Benefits:

  • Streamlined organization of all the organization’s resources < enabling controlled access for all staff regardless of location
  • Optimized call routing to decrease increasewholesale football jerseys china members.  Also reduced lost calls due to circular call routing and voicemail notification
  • Increased productivity and security due to centralized security policy and enforcement
  • Decreased cost in staff
  • Increase in profit due to increased efficiency and greater uptime
  • Increased productivity for executive management with secure remote access and mobile integration
  • Increased profit margins due to reduced churn in IT purchases, less downtime and greater efficiency and productivity
  • Greater peace of mind with competency of their IT provider versus less experienced and more costly hired staff
  • Decreased loss and greater quality control due to video surveillance

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