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Case Study – Athletic Facility, School and Store

Business Type: Athletic Facility, School and Store

Locations: 1

Initial Challenges: Lack of responsiveness from prior service provider, inappropriate content viewed by members and students, high level of physical theft and facility break-ins, high dependency on poor internal systems creating instability and greater cost, lack of integration of systems, non-optimized use of technology, improper backups for compliance and audit, needed greater access to network resources

Solutions Implemented: Upgraded server and operating systems, re-configured systems for stable and optimum performance, installed video surveillance system and DVR, implemented managed security for content filtering and exploits, implemented secured and reliable on-site and cloud based backup, managed and maintained IT infrastructure with OSOM standards of service, implemented wireless canopy over the entire campus for connectivity anywhere.

Business Benefits:

  • Reduced theft and loss from store
  • Reduced break-ins and evidence to prosecute criminals
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Outstanding increase in response time and relationship between client and OSOM
  • Reduced cost by leveraging OSOM’s experience and knowledge
  • Stopped inappropriate content from Internet surfing
  • Stabilized systems and allowed greater access to networked resources
  • Implemented backup that exceeded compliancy requirements and increased robustness for disaster recovery
  • Complete mobility and flexibility with network connectivity anywhere on campus
  • Simple remote access and mobile device connectivity off campus
  • Advocate for proper solutions and lower costs from  service providers saving tens of thousands of dollars in operating costs

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