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DSR Backup

How Much of Your Company’s Information is Stored on a Server? Just think about all the information that is at risk when you do not have a rock-solid backup solution in place: Accounting Records Business Critical Spreadsheets Client or Patient Information Forms and Documents Proprietary Client Information What would happen if you lost all of your financials? How about if your customer database or billing was corrupted? OSOM DSR Backup will solve your data backup problem… The Most Secure Faster Backup Operation Immediate Recovery Available High Volume Data Capacity High Volume Data Capacity Standby Hardware Option Don’t wait for disaster to strike before taking action. Call OSOM Solutions today for information about how we can backup your office data and give you the piece of mind you need to do what you do best… Run your business. Learn More About Our Backup Solution Call 703-766-4555 or Contact Us Today


Case Study – Government Contractor

Business Type: Government Contractor Locations: 2 Initial Challenges: Continuous outages and instability, lacking all documentation of network and work, no one had solid knowledge of the operation, too many implementations by too many people, staff continued to cycle through the back office before going off site to work, no one was actively managing systems, network security was severely lacking and could not meet government standards or compliancy, file security was improperly implemented, infrastructure was lacking and service delivery from service providers were subpar. Solutions Implemented: Rebuilt servers to clean up configuration, security policies and users, engaged with full Technology management, implemented managed security and configured for proper accessibility, designed phased implementation of OS upgrade and virtualization implementation, implemented managed Exchange solution, designed leading solution for robust disaster recovery. Business Benefits: Created greatly network allowing productivity to increase Reset network configurations for unity in thought and concurrent design Increased productivity due to increase uptime Exceeded security requirements for stringent DoD regulations Applied and enforced security policy uniformly throughout the organization Reduced operating cost by having a focused, dedicated team managing the technology for the fraction of the cost of one staff member Phase in next generation of technology without or impact on operations Fully documented network and all actions associated with the network Increased access to network resources for remote users with Deltek and time entry needs


Case Study – Athletic Facility, School and Store

Business Type: Athletic Facility, School and Store Locations: 1 Initial Challenges: Lack of responsiveness from prior service provider, inappropriate content viewed by members and students, high level of physical theft and facility break-ins, high dependency on poor internal systems creating instability and greater cost, lack of integration of systems, non-optimized use of technology, improper backups for compliance and audit, needed greater access to network resources Solutions Implemented: Upgraded server and operating systems, re-configured systems for stable and optimum performance, installed video surveillance system and DVR, implemented managed security for content filtering and exploits, implemented secured and reliable on-site and cloud based backup, managed and maintained IT infrastructure with OSOM standards of service, implemented wireless canopy over the entire campus for connectivity anywhere. Business Benefits: Reduced theft and loss from store Reduced break-ins and evidence to prosecute criminals Increased productivity and performance Outstanding increase in response time and relationship between client and OSOM Reduced cost by leveraging OSOM’s experience and knowledge Stopped inappropriate content from Internet surfing Stabilized systems and allowed greater access to networked resources Implemented backup that exceeded compliancy requirements and increased robustness for disaster recovery Complete mobility and flexibility with network connectivity anywhere on campus Simple remote access and mobile device connectivity off campus Advocate for proper solutions and lower costs from  service providers saving tens of thousands of dollars in operating costs


Technology Management

OSOM Solutions provides comprehensive IT consulting, support and maintenance service agreements for select clients. This service provides the depth and support of a dedicated IT team at the fraction of the cost of a single of full time staff person.  IT support services include the administration of internal security policies, user management, general hardware and software administration and maintenance, purchase and installation of hardware and software, internal network support and printer support. Not only is support and maintenance covered under OSOM’s Technology Management Agreement but also consulting, design, procurement and installation.  We have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by making the right decision the first time and by being the technically experienced liaison with other technical vendors. With OSOM Technology Management, your IT concerns truly stay Out of Site and Out of Mind. Here’s How It Works Support services will be implemented by remote means if possible but on-site visits and on-site support is included as part of the agreement. Due to our extensive experience dealing with business’ operations, IT support will mostly occur in the off hours so as not to disturb business processes or detract from the time of important personnel.  Because of the large amount of trust involved with our relationships, our clients have typically given us the keys to their facilities as a matter of convenience. Support for custom and specialty software, special case implementations, migrations, location moves and special purpose machines are beyond the scope of the Technology Management service but will…



Click for Large Image What Would Your Do If Your Computer System Was Gone Tomorrow? OSOM DSR Backup is the most advanced disaster recovery service creating two copies of the data.  One set stored on-site for fast restoration and full machine restores (bare metal, virtual machine or file recovery) and a second set of data, off-site, replicated in the OSOM collaborative cloud. The service allows for large scale backup sets due to growing data needs at a more cost effective rate with faster off-site transfer times.  Off-site replication allows for disaster recovery when server facilities encounter catastrophic failure or faults.  OSOM offers a “Hot Standby” option which allows for off-site replication but in the local MSA for reduced restoration of an off-site backup set. OSOM DSR allows for a full server or workstation copy with restore possible from a backup set mounted as a network drive, to a VM or even from bare metal.  With OSOM DSR, not only are critical files backed up but the entire configuration, system files, applications and data will be backed up and replicated. The OSOM Collaborative Cloud allows for numerous simultaneous data transfers to occur, encrypting and “chunking” the dataset in small pieces then “splintering” into smaller pieces the cloud allowing for 32x parity for reassembly. This is one of the most advanced Disaster Recovery offerings available to small business today. Technical Facts: Stores 60 days of historical backups Invokes use of OSOM Collaborative Cloud Technology Backups occur daily – Full backups occur every…


Managed Security

Rarely is there a comprehensive security policy enforced to protect organizations from external attacks, viruses, malware, spy ware, questionable content or intrusions. OSOM specializes in managed Internet security and as part of this service provides the hardware, configuration, installation and continuous monitoring for a managed security service.  All updates, configuration changes and upgrades will be performed by OSOM as required, as part of the service offering. Anyone connected to a broadband Internet connection should have this service since it provides unsurpassed security well before reaching your internal systems. As can been seen in the Honeynet Project*, “the average unprotected Windows computer with the most common security holes will be hacked within 20 minutes. Even secured computers will be probed or scanned for known vulnerabilities dozens of times each day.” (Washington Post) OSOM Managed Security moves the layer of protection to react outside the front gate instead of inside the front door and is continuously watched by experts.  The OSOM Managed Security service includes Firewall protection, Intrusion Detection Systems, basic URL Filtering, Anti-Virus Filtering and initial VPN configurations.  This is one of the greatest values in the market, providing the most comprehensive suite of managed security services at the lowest price, while allowing your organization to exceed standard Internet security requirements and meet intensive regulatory compliances such as HIPAA, GLB and PCI. Important Benefits of OSOM Managed Security Service Protects your data from being exploited and destroyed by others Keeps your customer information safe and you out of legal issues Allows…



OSOMness is a bundle built for the budget-centric small business that still wants OSOM quality. OSOMness provides for two of the most critical IT functions which are managed security and critical backup of information. OSOMness then includes a set number of heavily discounted hours as a part of each plan. While the hours may cover any technical topic, the consultation, documentation, design, maintenance and repair are reactive and will only be invoked upon request. All service levels include OSOM Managed Security for up to 15 machines, 250G of backup space for a server delivered through OSOM DSR (Disaster Scenario Recovery and Backup) and at least 2 hours of consulting. Hours are discounted based on the level of choice. Hours do not roll over to the following month and accumulate. If you do not use the time you lose the time. Additional hours above the service level below will be billed at the then current hourly rate A one year term is required. OSOM will be allowed to install necessary tools on machines to allow for remote support and assistance Technical consulting consists of technology consulting, server management, host support and management, maintenance tasks, hardware or software installs or any other request for service. Level One Time: 2 hours Discount rate for additional hours: 10% up to 8 hours, full current rate for any hours over 8 Level Two Time: 4 hours Discount rate for additional hours: 25% up to 8 hours, full current rate for any hours over 8 Level…


Case Studies

Business Type: Retail Stores and Warehouse Locations: 6 (DC Metro) Initial Challenges: Independent operations for each location, manual communications, disjointed call distribution, network used for Internet access only, continuously interrupted operations due to computer and network failures, excessive travel between locations, slow and manual processes, no centralized resource or shared store for file, print or application sharing, no backup of important company documents, theft and insecure facilities Solutions Implemented: Centralized server with access control, secure remote access, centralized automated local and cloud backup, Managed Exchange, phased approach of private cloud infrastructure, VoIP phone system with segmented infrastructure, centralized and managed information security and content filtering, network based video surveillance, thin client infrastructure, network based printing, Mac integration with remote support, full technology management Business Benefits: Streamlined organization of all the organization’s resources < enabling controlled access for all staff regardless of location Optimized call routing to decrease increasewholesale football jerseys china members.  Also reduced lost calls due to circular call routing and voicemail notification Increased productivity and security due to centralized security policy and enforcement Decreased cost in staff Increase in profit due to increased efficiency and greater uptime Increased productivity for executive management with secure remote access and mobile integration Increased profit margins due to reduced churn in IT purchases, less downtime and greater efficiency and productivity Greater peace of mind with competency of their IT provider versus less experienced and more costly hired staff Decreased loss and greater quality control due to video surveillance

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