Clients We Serve

Clients We Serve

00OSOMClients2OSOM Solutions exists to help businesses thrive by removing IT obstacles and mitigating risks. Our clients come to us with all kinds of needs, but one thing is always the same – the need for honest and reliable help dealing with IT issues. Here are a few client profiles to give you an idea about how we can help…

Computer Backups – For networks that store important client, patient or sales information, backing up your data is critical. Imagine if all of your billing records or receivables disappeared! OSOM provides backup and recovery service so that you can leave the office each day knowing that your data is safe. Even in the event of a catastrophic sever failure (and all servers eventually fail) we’ll be right there with a full recovery so that your office doesn’t miss a beat.

IT Procurement and Installation – Let’s say you’re a business with 30 workstations and a server, which are all outdated and low performing. There will come a time when you’ll need to make the capital investment to replace the outdated technology. It’s not as simple as ordering a new machine online. Care must be taken to procure the right computers for the various tasks and then follow with expert network installation.

Comprehensive Management – Our clients often need someone to act as their IT manager – to provide end to end help desk service. OSOM can provide a complete solution with our Managed Services. Through full time monitoring, trouble shooting and maintenance, we’ll handle all of your day to day IT needs.

Technology Strategy – How will you make it work? All of our clients are experts in their field, but when it comes to designing an IT infrastructure to facilitate their operation, they turn to OSOM. We’ll help you plan your IT strategy to meet the current needs of your business and to develop into the future.

Our clients cross many vertical markets and industries. It doesn’t matter what your individual business goals are, OSOM will help you design, maintain and backup your IT infrastructure so that it performs as you need it to.



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