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Cloud Computing

If you’re like most companies, you have come to rely on your computer systems.  From regular communications using email and social media, to company-critical applications like billing and customer relationship management, your IT systems are a crucial part of your business operation.

Cloud computing takes those mission critical operations and takes them off site, so that you are not left maintaining and managing internal computing resources.  Implementing cloud computing solutions brings flexibility and scalability to your IT infrastructure.

Beyond allowing for easier growth, cloud computing often brings cost reductions as hardware is take off site.

OSOM has a cloud-based solution for you:

Function OSOM Cloud Services – hosted email, hosted Exchange, hybrid email, web hosting, hybrid cloud infrastructure, co-location, cloud based fax, private cloud hosting, public cloud infrastructure hosting, new cloud based technology development

Private Cloud Design and Management – custom built private cloud infrastructures for those who do not trust public infrastructures or value independence

Disaster Recovery / CooP Solutions – replicated environments for fast cut over for a disaster or catastrophic recovery


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