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Enterprise Support

OSOM services are built around your schedule. If you need off-hour installs, upgrades, meetings or backups, we will do our best to match your needs.

Enterprise Support means understanding the problem as it relates to your business, knowing how to solve the problem using technology solutions and finally, being empowered to take action in your best interest.

OSOM Solutions excels at every step.

What to Expect From Us

When you become an OSOM client, we take the time to get to know you.  Not just what you sell, but how you sell it.  We learn what makes your employees more productive, and what holds them back.  Armed with this depth of understanding, when an issue arises (and it always does) we can easily prioritize and begin to take action.

That’s where our technological expertise comes into play.  With our experience in IT infrastructure, virtualization and cloud computing and with network security, we are well equipped to handle most any scenario.

Since OSOM has such a close relationship built on trust, the majority of the time our clients just give us the keys and let us handle the work in the off-hours when it does not affect business operations.

We are not the normal IT Company. We are OSOM.

Supplementary Enterprise Services

*OSOM TechVet– A service provided to non-technical hiring personnel, HR Managers, recruiters, owners and partners to be able to properly vet technical candidates for competency prior to hiring

*OSOM Onsite – Created for Medium sized Enterprises who want to take advantage of outsourcing but want a dedicated resource each day to be able to serve needs directly.  OSOM provides the onsite resource to report as needed for day to day support but backed by the most experienced engineers to support complex issues and troubles, engineering, architecture, new technology integration and design

*OSOM TAC – Experience has proven that medium sized businesses hire their own staff but without the ability to vet the tech properly, the vast majority of the time the hire is not fully qualified.  The fact is a non-technical hiring manager can’t possibly determine the competency of the hire and the hire is made.  We have found that time after time the in-house IT personnel is good at helping fix day to day problems but lacks the experience for strategic enterprise planning, implementation, configuration and complex problem solving.  OSOM TAC provides a senior team for the in-house resource to lean on and provide a backup to that resource that allows the owner or hiring manager a third party check for their business’s IT operations

*OSOM Remote Hands – competent technical hands to assist your IT staff in the Washington DC Metro Area



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