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Managed Security

Rarely is there a comprehensive security policy enforced to protect organizations from external attacks, viruses, malware, spy ware, questionable content or intrusions. OSOM specializes in managed Internet security and as part of this service provides the hardware, configuration, installation and continuous monitoring for a managed security service.  All updates, configuration changes and upgrades will be performed by OSOM as required, as part of the service offering.

Anyone connected to a broadband Internet connection should have this service since it provides unsurpassed security well before reaching your internal systems. As can been seen in the Honeynet Project*, “the average unprotected Windows computer with the most common security holes will be hacked within 20 minutes. Even secured computers will be probed or scanned for known vulnerabilities dozens of times each day.” (Washington Post) OSOM Managed Security moves the layer of protection to react outside the front gate instead of inside the front door and is continuously watched by experts.  The OSOM Managed Security service includes Firewall protection, Intrusion Detection Systems, basic URL Filtering, Anti-Virus Filtering and initial VPN configurations.  This is one of the greatest values in the market, providing the most comprehensive suite of managed security services at the lowest price, while allowing your organization to exceed standard Internet security requirements and meet intensive regulatory compliances such as HIPAA, GLB and PCI.

Important Benefits of OSOM Managed Security Service

  • Protects your data from being exploited and destroyed by others
  • Keeps your customer information safe and you out of legal issues
  • Allows secure off site communications
  • Saves you money in rebuilding systems and fixing exploited machines
  • Increases the performance of the network and host machines
  • Monitored and maintained continuously by a team of security experts
  • Saves you time by not having to update software, running lengthy scans and not having system downtime
  • Gives you the most comprehensive security package in the market

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