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What Would Your Do If Your Computer System Was Gone Tomorrow?

OSOM DSR Backup is the most advanced disaster recovery service creating two copies of the data.  One set stored on-site for fast restoration and full machine restores (bare metal, virtual machine or file recovery) and a second set of data, off-site, replicated in the OSOM collaborative cloud.

The service allows for large scale backup sets due to growing data needs at a more cost effective rate with faster off-site transfer times.  Off-site replication allows for disaster recovery when server facilities encounter catastrophic failure or faults.  OSOM offers a “Hot Standby” option which allows for off-site replication but in the local MSA for reduced restoration of an off-site backup set.

OSOM DSR allows for a full server or workstation copy with restore possible from a backup set mounted as a network drive, to a VM or even from bare metal.  With OSOM DSR, not only are critical files backed up but the entire configuration, system files, applications and data will be backed up and replicated.

The OSOM Collaborative Cloud allows for numerous simultaneous data transfers to occur, encrypting and “chunking” the dataset in small pieces then “splintering” into smaller pieces the cloud allowing for 32x parity for reassembly.

This is one of the most advanced Disaster Recovery offerings available to small business today.

Technical Facts:

  • Stores 60 days of historical backups
  • Invokes use of OSOM Collaborative Cloud Technology
  • Backups occur daily – Full backups occur every 1st day of the month and incrementals every day


  • Greater Frequency as low as 15 minute incements
  • Hot Standby – A backup set of the data is stored in a local data center

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