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Need in Market: Currently many small to medium business owners, recruiters, and HR managers do not have the technical skill, experience or ability to properly vet a technical resource for hire. This leaves many owners and non ‐technical managers hiring a resource which is either not qualified or one which will greatly affect the I T operations of a company. This can lead to poor performing infrastructures,, unecessary additional hires, extra consulting fees, wasted investments and costs in technology purchases. The question is how can someone who is not technical or versed in a field make an intelligent and informed decision about someone who claims to be an expert in that field?

Solution: OSOM Solutions will provide a CIO/Senior level technical resource or team to experts to determine the candidate’s true worth relative to their submitted resume and the position applied. This will be accomplished in two different ways to accommodate costs.


  1. A customized test will be built relative to the position, the potential of the candidate, and the claims made by the candidate on their resume. The test results will be reviewed by the technical experts to determine the viability of the candidate. This is the economical option.
  2. The second method of evaluation will be act as part of the hiring team and interview the candidate personally in addition to the skills test. Technical experts will be available throughout the hiring process to ensure the candidate knows what they are alking about and that they are the proper fit for the hire.
  3. A final method of implementation can be a retainer type of agreement where OSOM could be called upon as needed to assess the technical astuteness of candidates as they are reviewed or processed.



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