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OSOMness is a bundle built for the budget-centric small business that still wants OSOM quality.

OSOMness provides for two of the most critical IT functions which are managed security and critical backup of information. OSOMness then includes a set number of heavily discounted hours as a part of each plan. While the hours may cover any technical topic, the consultation, documentation, design, maintenance and repair are reactive and will only be invoked upon request. All service levels include OSOM Managed Security for up to 15 machines, 250G of backup space for a server delivered through OSOM DSR (Disaster Scenario Recovery and Backup) and at least 2 hours of consulting. Hours are discounted based on the level of choice.

  1. Hours do not roll over to the following month and accumulate. If you do not use the time you lose the time.
  2. Additional hours above the service level below will be billed at the then current hourly rate
  3. A one year term is required.
  4. OSOM will be allowed to install necessary tools on machines to allow for remote support and assistance
  5. Technical consulting consists of technology consulting, server management, host support and management, maintenance tasks, hardware or software installs or any other request for service.

Level One
Time: 2 hours Discount rate for additional hours: 10% up to 8 hours, full current rate for any hours over 8

Level Two
Time: 4 hours Discount rate for additional hours: 25% up to 8 hours, full current rate for any hours over 8

Level Three
Time: 8 hours Discount rate for additional hours: No discount, full current rate for any hours over 8


OSOMness Unlimited is the highest level of OSOMness! It was created to bridge the gap between our OSOMness Small Business packages and the premier OSOM Technology Management service. We realize that everyone needs Technology Management but we also know that it is a premium level service which some may not be able to afford. OSOMness Unlimited gives you the same critical proactive and professional services of managed security and DSR but then also allows you to have expert, responsive, unlimited support at your fingertips during normal business hours.

Level: Unlimited
Time: Unlimited phone and Unlimited remote support during normal business hours of 08:30 to 18:00 Mon‐Fri EDT Size: 15 users or fewer

Other Ultimate Details

  • Allots you 1 on‐site visit per month
  • A proactive/reactive mix
  • Includes annual network assessment and health check
  • Available off‐hours support for emergency at current emergency rate
  • Includes operating system updates

Excludes any hardware or software purchase costs, forensics, data recovery, 3rd party applications unless noted in contract and support contract is in force, physical moves, hardware or software migrations, mobile phone app support, teaching and training, Apple platform support and “tinkering” related problems.


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