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Technology Management

OSOM Solutions provides comprehensive IT consulting, support and maintenance service agreements for select clients.

This service provides the depth and support of a dedicated IT team at the fraction of the cost of a single of full time staff person.  IT support services include the administration of internal security policies, user management, general hardware and software administration and maintenance, purchase and installation of hardware and software, internal network support and printer support.

Not only is support and maintenance covered under OSOM’s Technology Management Agreement but also consulting, design, procurement and installation.  We have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by making the right decision the first time and by being the technically experienced liaison with other technical vendors. With OSOM Technology Management, your IT concerns truly stay Out of Site and Out of Mind.

Here’s How It Works

Support services will be implemented by remote means if possible but on-site visits and on-site support is included as part of the agreement. Due to our extensive experience dealing with business’ operations, IT support will mostly occur in the off hours so as not to disturb business processes or detract from the time of important personnel.  Because of the large amount of trust involved with our relationships, our clients have typically given us the keys to their facilities as a matter of convenience.

Support for custom and specialty software, special case implementations, migrations, location moves and special purpose machines are beyond the scope of the Technology Management service but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and would be billed at a discounted hourly consulting rate.  Also any hardware, software or material costs required for services to be performed are not included in the agreement.

Important Benefits of OSOM Technology Management

  • Saves you money by allowing you to budget your IT costs and not create unnecessary overhead in employees
  • Gives you a team of professionals for the fraction of the cost of a single staff member
  • Avoids difficult issues with organization’s internal politics
  • Allows for piece of mind and continuity of business operations
  • Provides you with better information to make better technology decisions for your business
  • Empowers you by having a trusted technical liaison to interface with your other technology vendors and explain the technical jargon
  • Keeps things uniform by allowing the consulting, purchasing, implementation and management to be completed by a single viewpoint driving for a single solution

OSOM Technology Management Service includes services such as:

  • Help Desk Support – remote and onsite requests
  • Physical Cleaning of machines and servers
  • Management of operating system updates and upgrades
  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Telecommunications Management and Optimization
  • Continuous inventory of technology hardware
  • Updated Network maps
  • Complete and comprehensive documentation of work completed on client infrastructure
  • Managed list of logins for all devices
  • Vendor lists and technical support information
  • Technical ray ban sunglasses sale liaison to other technical vendors
  • Consulting on longer term technology plans, technology implementations, aging technology, and growth management
  • Continuous chronological record keeping of all activities completed on your IT infrastructure

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